Tossing and Turning

My dreams kept on tossing and turning last night. Perhaps they were also missing the warmth felt when you were here.

Listen to your elders

“Always listen to you elders.” said appa to his 10 year old.
Rope around his neck,suffocated body.
“Amma wanted to meet me.” read a note hidden in the closet.


Watermelons, checked. Aam ras, checked. Summer holiday destinations silently mumbled “We remained unchecked this year.”


It’s okay to not buckle up your shoes and be ever ready to face your battles. Let it remain stranded, unbuckled and loose. Let yourself tumble so that you can buckle tighter the next time.


He: Why did you leave so early? We could have worked it out.
She: Early? Seriously? Please define early.
He: Umm, earlier than my bookmark leaves itself from my favorite book : (


She: I do like you, but I dread commitments. Its so scary you know.
He: Well, can I be your fear then? I promise I’ll scare you less.


Emotions are an epitome of hardwork. They do not get tired, presumably, by feeling itself again, again and again.


Kept herself untouched for years. Child abuse daunts. “Hey, May I hold your hand?” a wise man asked. Some walls got broken.


He: Why are you so lazy?
She: I don’t know. Maybe I am waiting for the day when I get lazy to become lazy in the first place.


“She ripped my heart, broke it into pieces.” Said an angry man while punching the wall.”I can only wish you some of my strength” the concrete cement smirked.


Born in a family that only accepted perfection. Strived for the “perfect” badge lifelong. Feared failures. Committed the biggest mistake, in order to not commit any.


Every beautiful friendship isn’t destined to reach to a relationship. Sometimes, a relationship becomes a milestone in reaching a beautiful friendship.

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