About Me

Okay, let’s do this –

I’d say I am someone who would fit in the classic “Engineer turned Writer” narrative pretty well. Calling myself a Writer somehow feels like a lie so that’s still a WIP (Work in Progress). 😀

Academically, I am an IT Engineer. A big-time dreamer by heart. Of late, I’ve realised that I get amused by two things the most – Writing and Music. Writing is the childhood love that I am reconnecting to in my adulthood while music is a new crush that I keep stalking on weekends.

For a weekly dose of song covers, find me on Instagram or youtube.

As far as writing is concerned – I have been a content contributor at TTT(Terribly Tiny Tales) and am currently working as a content Writer at an Ahmedabad-based digital marketing firm.

Well, the longer version of “About me” is my blog. So see you there. : )

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